What are Chalisas?

What are Chalisas?

Chalisa's are prayers consisting of 40 verses, in Hindi language, praising a Hindu God/Goddess.

Chalis is a Hindi word meaning 40.

A hymn or prayer containing 40 verses is called a Chalisa.

Each verse is called a chaupai.

Chaupai means 4 legs.

Each chaupai has 2 lines.

The 2 lines of a chaupai always rhyme.

Chaupai is identified by a syllable count 16/16, counted witha value of 1 in case of Hrasva ( short sounding letter) and 2 in case of Dhirga ( long sounding letter).

Hindus believe that by reciting a Chalisa with devotion and faith, the blessings of that God/Goddess can be obtained. 

Chalisas are believed to bring peace and prosperity to a devotee and also relieve on from earthly miseries.

Many think that Chalisa are Magic Mantras. It works for those who have the utmost faith and devotion in the God/Goddess being praised. It gives solace to millions and millions of Hindus and others who believe in Hindu Gods.
Reciting a Chalisa daily is very good. But if daily recital is not possible, then reciting weekly on a specified day is the next best option. Apart from this, it is also essential to  recite the Chalisa on Hindu festival days.

Here is a list of the popular Chalisas:

Gayatri Chalisa

Shiva Chalisa

Krishna Chalisa

Navagraha Chalisa

Ram Chalisa

Santhoshi Chalisa

Sai Chalisa

Shithala Chalisa

Vindhyeshvari Chalisa

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